Who we are and what we do!

About Nigerian Legion

Nigerian Legion is a Statutory Body established by Act of Parliament of 1964
amended by the Nigerian Legion Interim Management Decree 25 of 1977, and
further amended by Nigerian Legion Decree No. 37 of 1988, with Federal Republic
of Nigeria Official Gazettee No. 64 Vol. 75 dated 30th September, 1988 as amended.

It is an association of persons who have served in the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Navy,
Nigerian Air Force or any auxiliary force. The Nigerian Legion is a member of
International World War Veteran Organization striving for world peace.

Nigerian Legion was established to cater for the welfare of ex-servicemen who have
distinguished themselves in the wars in which Nigeria has participated.

Nigerian Legion assist in the maintenance of the family and dependants of
ex-service men and deceased members. It also ensures that proper and befitting
burial is given to deceased members.

Membership Category

Membership of Nigerian Legion is open to all duly discharged ex-service man,
serving member of the Nigerian Armed Forces or Auxiliary Force,
as well as to persons who applies to the authority of the Legion for membership.